The Riverstone Group purchased James Center in late 2017 and have since renovated many parts of the complex to transform the buildings into a modern and fresh place to work. Some of the renovations performed include:

Check out this awesome time lapse of the One James Center lobby renovation!

One James Center Lobby Renovation and Conference Center

The lobby renovation is finished! The grand staircase connects the lobby and the second floor together for a cohesive look and feel. New lobby doors have been installed. The new lounge area is furnished with soft seating and collaborative work areas. James Center tenants have been enjoying this space as an informal gathering location outside of the office.

The new conference center on the 2nd floor was completed in October of 2018. The conference center includes a board and multi-purpose room with an AV system and catering kitchen. The renovations of the second-floor corridor, the Skybridge and the “mirrored hallway” are also complete. These thoroughfares that connect all three buildings have been transformed into spaces that are modern and inviting.

The atrium renovation is almost complete! Completion is slated for December of 2020.

New Restaurants and Retailers

Sesame Sushi and The Pit and The Peel are open! They join The Market in the Atrium, and collectively, there are now a variety of menu options. The former Wendy’s space in One James Center has welcomed a new tenant, Chopt Salad, which opened in the Winter of 2019. A patio has been added to the corner of 9th and Canal Streets for outdoor seating.

Additionally, Experimac is now open in the Atrium! They buy, sell, trade and repair Apple products. Everyone will benefit from this convenient location.

Exterior façade cleaning and restoration 
This project was completed on all three buildings this past September. The buildings glisten under the sun!

Rooftop Lighting System
To enhance James Center’s prominence, we installed a three-tier LED lighting system at the top of Two James Center. The lights are programmed through software and provide a wide range of color options and patterns.

Garage Lighting Upgrade
The existing lighting has been replaced with LED lights that provide a noticeably brighter indoor atmosphere. Motion sensors and dimmers provide better control through a software program, resulting in energy savings without compromising safety. The fixture replacement has been completed and will soon be commissioned with the software controls.

New Roofs
The roofs on Two James Center, Three James Center and the Atrium have been replaced with lightly colored reflective surfaces which reduce the roof surface temperature significantly.  Cooler surface temperatures reduce the workload placed on the HVAC systems, requiring less energy to operate. Insulation is being added to increase the thermal resistance, providing energy savings. The roof on One James Center was replaced in recent years.

Security Systems Enhancements
We have expanded and upgraded our CCTV video recording equipment with new technology to allow the system, access controls, and emergency intercoms to be controlled by a single software platform.

Also, all security cameras were replaced with 1080p HD cameras in 2020, a total of more than 55 cameras.

Improved Cell Service
We have partnered with Verizon who has installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) throughout James Center. The DAS has increased mobile coverage to Verizon customers working in or visiting the property’s interior spaces, including the parking deck. The interior of James Center has essentially become a cell site. This upgrade has increased coverage in the buildings and elevators and offloads capacity from Verizon’s external wireless network.

James Center has also partnered with Mobilitie to provide DAS coverage for any other carrier who wants to be in the complex.

Wi-Fi has been installed and provides a seamless internet connection in the first-floor lobbies of all buildings, the Atrium and common areas.

Elevator Modernization
The three-year project to modernize all elevators began in Fall 2018. Three elevators are currently under construction. All elevators will be greatly improved in terms of ride quality, speed, and door operation. The finishes will also be updated with interior glass panels, new flooring, LED lighting and stainless steel.

Energy Star Certification/Energy Saving Renovations
James Center is currently working towards earning an Energy Star certification for all three towers. We are refurbishing/replacing air handlers and controls throughout the entire complex, as well as upgrading lighting and electrical systems. Two new chillers were installed in early 2019, greatly reducing the energy load of the complex. With each property improvement, we are closer to becoming certified.